Friday, November 9, 2012

Mrs Wall's stitches

Mrs Wall had to go to the  Doctor's to get two moles cut out. She got two blue stitches in each mole. One on her face and one on her back.On Thursday Mrs Wall got her stitches taken out.
We are learning to be sunsafe so WE dont need stitches.

Plan it, sell it

plan it sell it, lolly sticks on PhotoPeach

i - movie peer teaching.

Jayden and George, from room 1, helped Emma, Emman and Rejoice to make i- movies. One is about Athletics Day and the other one is about Pet Day. They taught us how to get the photos onto the i-movie, to write the captions and make a title page. We know how to do it by ourselves now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome Nicole and Courtney.

A big welcome to Nicole and Courtney who have just turned 5 and started school.We hope you will both be happy in room 2.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Term 4 week 3 certificates go to.......

Peter, for all the effort you are putting into your writing. Keep it up.

Lucy, Moving up a group in reading. Awesome!

Week 3 News time

Emman said," I forgot which day I got this book and I haven't done mant things in it yet."
"Where did you get the book from?" asked Rejoice.
"My Mum got it after school," replied Emman.
Photo by Emjay

Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 2 Newstime

"Grandma gave me this pencil with a Harold rubber and it says on the pen'I look after my friends' ", said Keisha.

"I got this clipboard from the $1 shop". said Lucas.
"What do you do with it," said Rejoice.
"I 'm going to do some drawing on it," replied Lucas.

Emjay said,"Last night Mum bought me these elbow pads for BMX because I've started BMX now. Dad held me at the gate so I didn't fall off at the race."
"Do you have some to go on your knees?" asked Hannah.
"Yes , they are the same as these and Mum got them all in a packet,"replied Emjay.

Photos by Lucy