Friday, November 25, 2011

Awesome writers in room 2

Brooke's Crash
Yesterday we went to pick up Jack from Dylan's. Michael,Dylan and Jack slept in a tent. While we were at Dylan's place I went on a little bike and then DANGER came! I was going too fast. I crashed! I was screaming! Tyler and Chloe pulled the bike up for me. Iwas dripping with blood from my nose to my toes. It was disgusting! It was even going into my mouth. It was really, really gross, but I was really lucky because we ended up having McDonalds for dinner.

By Brooke

Everyday me and Ana go to check the strawberries but all of the rats and mice have eaten all of the strawberries and we dont have any strawberries to eat.

By Olivia

Maize Planting.
Dad said "Quick, get the rotor tiller on the tractor the maize planter is going to be here in an hour to plant the maize. Josh put the loader on the 69-20 and put the pallet forks on and load the truck up with fert and seed." Go!, Go!, Go!
Dad called up Robert (the planter driver ) "Do you know there are two little bags of different maize seed on the pallet and markers?" I went in the tractor with the maize planter on. We had to fill up the maize planter five times with seed and fert, six times. In the first paddock we got stuck where the spray truck had  got stuck earlier this year and last year too.

By Jacob

Birds Eggs
One day we found one egg and we built a nest and I looked at it everyday.

By Hannah