Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A baby hedgehog came to visit us.

Mrs Fortis bought Cooper's baby hedgehog to school. He is very small and cute. When he is hungry he has special milk and feeds from a dropper. Sometimes he makes snuffling sounds if he can smell the milk or wants a feed.He has toes just like us.

Welcome back to school for 2011

Hello everyone, we have made a busy start to the year with our reading, writing, maths and topic about 'ME'.
This is us, don't we look beautiful!

School garden competition.

Damian 3rd

Shaun 1st

Jacob 2nd
  Each year we have a school garden competition. We have our gardens at home and can have a big or small garden, flowers or vegetables or a mix of anything.Gardens can be in pots or just in the garden.
The gardens were fantastic.We have lots of 'green fingers' here at Otewa.
This year Shaun came first,Jacob second and Damian third.