Friday, October 29, 2010

Story Writing

Yesterday we put the sprinkler on the tramp. Then me and Ruby turned the sprinkler on. I think that the middle sprinkler is the best one. I picked up the sprinkle and squirted Ruby. It was fun squirting Ruby with the sprinkler. After me and Ruby had finished with the sprinkler we sunbathed on the lawn but then Ruby had to go to cheerleading. I had no one to play with.
By Shaun.

On Sunday me and Mo built a tree hut. We cut the cover off Kate's old hut.Then we stapled the cover on. Me and Mo got crates, one was for the floor, the other one  was for the boards to hold the hut together. Now we are on the top floor making it stable. Then we will paint it and finish the top floor. When it is finished we will play in it.
By Jacob

On Monday Tory came over to our place. We went down to the shed and looked at the tractor and the two- wheelers. We went to the drain and to the pumice with the bikes. At the pumice we rode over it and I did not fall off. Tory got to ride the big blue bike. At the drain we rode the plastic bike and the back wheel went sideways but I got it out. When I went to the deep bit I needed to get off because it went into the big pipe.
By Daniel.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pet Rocks

We made a pet rock at school to take to pet day. We painted our pet rocks and my pet rock is purple and is made with googley eyes and a feather for the hair. My pet rock is cool.

By Dillon

We made pet rocks. My pet is green.My pet rock has a feather on the top and is fluffy and soft.My pet rock is a turtle and lives in a sandcastle. My pet rock is cool and it looks funny.

By Shaun