Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 7 Our writing.

Snowy the lamb

Me, Caitlin, Mum and Dad have a lamb and it is really hard to get  into the car because he follows us unless he is tied up to a standard.

By Lucy

On Saturday it was Dad's birthday. I gave him a cup amd on the side of it, it said, "Cool Dad".

By Trent

Today I got some track pants with a jersey. They are black with crowns on them and I like them.

By Emjay

On Saturday me, Reisan and Anna were playing with the grass on the trampoline. We were playing war! We had to make our own forts and emmo. A few minutes later Dad called us to go inside.

By Emman

I saw a tui in the tree. I went to see Mum.I said to Mum, "Can I go to the tui"?

By Summa

The Green house.

In the weekend Keisha came to our house. We went into my green house and it was hot and pretty. A few minutes later we went to play with my goat.

By Hannah

Tuis in the tree.

Wow! a tui in a tree.When other tuis come to the blossom tree the tui who lives there, chases the other tuis away.He is greedy because he eats so much nectar.The tui likes the nectar from the blossom flowers.He puts his long pointy beak in the blossom flowers and sucks up the yummy honey.Sometimes he flips upside down to get the nectar because the blossom is hanging underneath the branch.

By Room 2

Friday, August 24, 2012

Week 6 certificate goes to...........

Rejoice, for helping Lucas in a tricky situation. You are a lovely person Rejoice.

Writing with a buddy.

Octopus is a friend.

Octopus is a friend . By Jill Egglton

Read by Room 2

Week 6 News time.

Rhianna said,"I cut out pictures of the Olympics."
Rejoice asked,"What day did you cut out these pictures?"
"On Sunday." said Rhianna.
"What one is your favourite one?"asked Connie.
Rhianna replied," This one"

Photo by Thomas

Lucy's news.......

Me and Caitlin went outside yesterday and found this giant carrot in Caitlin's garden.

Photo by Rejoice

Lucas's news........
My Granny gave me a sticker book and this dog.

Photo by Connie

Thursday, August 23, 2012

COPS cross country

We went toWaitomo Caves for the COPS cross country. We are the fastest runners from Otewa School. We had to run against 8 different schools. The race was long, muddy,hard and exciting. 

Year 1/2....Emman was 9th
                    Thomas was 15th

                    Hannah was 6th
                    Keisha was 12th
                    Rejoice was 13th

Year 3/4      Emma was 18th

Friday, August 17, 2012

Week 5 certificates go to........

Ethan,Welcome to room 2. You are working really well in our class.

Ryan, what a lot of learning you have done in your early words, learning numbers, reading your books and starting to use sounds in your writing. AWESOME effort Ryan.

Emjay,working hard with all of your work. Keep it up Emjay.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Otewa verus Maihihi crosscountry.

On Wednesday the 15th of August Maihihi came to our school to run against us.We ran on the Smith's Farm. The course was muddy,slimy,sticky, bumpy, stoney,prickly but fun and exciting and HARD!! We ran up and down the hills, through the paddocks and through cow poo to the finish line.
Some children got their shoes stuck in the mud, picked them up and ran with them in their hands!
At the end we were all covered with mud from our feet to our heads.
After the running we had a sausage sizzle with chocolate bars and juicies.
It was a great and very exciting day.

By Room 2

Week 4 certificates go to..........

Lucas, for enthusiasm and the hard work you doing learning your early words. Awesome effort!

Emman, you are now working in Room one for maths. You are doing really well.Another awesome worker!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Ethan

Ethan is now 5 years old.

I got some presents for my birthday.This is my new school bag and it has got spiderman on it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 4, News time.

Emjay said,"Yesterday I found my old ballet costume from my first concert."
Photo by Connie.

"Today we heard on the news about the volcano exploding," said Hannah.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Week 3 certificates go to.......

Ian, being able to choose activities independently in reading time. Well done.

Ryan,working hard  and making good progress with your work.Keep it up.

Rosie the cow.

On Wednesday we watched a play about a dairy farm and Rosie the cow.

Rosie lives on a dairy farm with Farmer Tom and Becky. Then Matt came to visit. Matt does not know about cows and he was frightened of them.

These were our favourite parts in the show:

When Matt came to the farm he stepped in Rosie's poo and he was wearing his white sneakers. He said," What is that smell?"

Matt touched an electric fence and got a shock, then he did it again and again. He said.Ow, ow, ow, OW!!"

Rosie burped really, really loudly, because she was chewing her cud.

Rosie stepped on Matt's PSP game because she didn't have any fingers . She has HOOVES!

The show was fantastic and very, very funny.