Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week 7 Our writing.

Snowy the lamb

Me, Caitlin, Mum and Dad have a lamb and it is really hard to get  into the car because he follows us unless he is tied up to a standard.

By Lucy

On Saturday it was Dad's birthday. I gave him a cup amd on the side of it, it said, "Cool Dad".

By Trent

Today I got some track pants with a jersey. They are black with crowns on them and I like them.

By Emjay

On Saturday me, Reisan and Anna were playing with the grass on the trampoline. We were playing war! We had to make our own forts and emmo. A few minutes later Dad called us to go inside.

By Emman

I saw a tui in the tree. I went to see Mum.I said to Mum, "Can I go to the tui"?

By Summa

The Green house.

In the weekend Keisha came to our house. We went into my green house and it was hot and pretty. A few minutes later we went to play with my goat.

By Hannah

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