Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 10 certificates go to..........

Keisha, you are always keen to help around the classroom with lots of jobs. Thank you Keisha for your help.

Connie, always trying your best with all of your work. Keep it up Connie.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 10 Newstime

Last night the tanker driver gave me this container and it can open like this or this.
By Ian. Photo by Hannah.

In the weekend when I was staying at Ma's we went to the two dollar shop and I bought a book and a doll. The book is called Cinderalla.
By Hannah. Photo by Rhianna.

Last night we went out for dinner and it was a meeting. I had a raspberry lemonade. Before we went home we went to the supermarket for desert because the ice cream machine wasn't going at McDonalds. We got icecreams. It had ice cream inside and white chocolate on the outside.
By Connie. Photo by Thomas.

On Saturday it was Indy's birthday. Megan gave Indy this dog. It can walk and sometimes it makes a funny noise.
By Emjay. Photo by Emma.

Week 8 certificates go to.........

Summa, for a much improved effort this week. Keep up the hard work.

Lucy, lovely writing ,you are a great author.

Trent, what a great week. Awesome.

Rhianna for working hard, practising and remembering early words. Trying to read slower, to point and match up with each word as you read.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 8 News time.

Mum found this poster in a horse magazine. It has two pictures on it-one on each side. All these people got medals from horse riding.
By Emma, photo by Thomas

Keisha said,"On my sixth birthday Grandma got this book and a pillow pet. It can turn into a buzzy bee pillow."
By Keisha, photo by Ian.
"Last night my Mum bought this hat and these braces because
 it is blue day today," said Ian.
Photo by Hannah.

"Last night when we were at Cory's I pulled my tooth out. Then Mum and Dad came in and Dad put it in his wallet because we had nowhere to put it." said Keisha.
Photo by Hannah.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lolly cake for Dad.

We made lolly cake for Dad because it was Father's Day on Sunday 2nd of September.We also made a card for Dad.

To make lolly cake.

You need:
1 packet of malt biscuits
125 gms of butter
half a tin of condensed milk
1 packet of fruit puffs or eskimos

To make:
1. Melt the butter and condensed milk together.
2. Crush the biscuits.
3. Chop up the fruit puffs or eskimos.
4. Mix altogether.
5. Put in  a patty pan or roll in  a log.
6. Roll in coconut.
7. Put it in the fridge.