Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to make celery blue on the leaves

We have been learning about how water travels up plants.

Our prediction:  
All the blue will come up the stem and then it will make the leaves go blue.

4/5 The water is blue
8/5 The leaves have gone blue and some of the stem has gone blue.

If the water is coloured, the celery sucks up the coloured water.  The celery goes the same colour as the water. 

Here is an example of procedural writing …

How to make celery blue on the leaves

·         Jar
·         Celery
·         Food colouring
·         Water
·         Put the celery in the jar.
·         Fill the jar with water.
·         Put the food colouring in the water.
·         Watch to see what happens.

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