Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rumarua Newstime,photos by Damian.

"Today when me and Jacob got packed for school we biked to the bus stop and we are going to bike back up the big hill after school," said Emma.
"Why did you bike to the bus stop?" asked Keisha.
"Because we hadn't rode our bikes down to the bus for a long time", said Emma.

Summa said,"After we had gone to the cafe I saw the train. It was a steam train and it had a carriage with lots of people. I saw the man who drove it and it went CHOO,CHOO really loud".

"How loud was the CHOO,CHOO?" asked Rejoice.

"Really,really loud and I saw black steam coming out of it's black tunnel." replied Summa.

"Mum got me a magazine and there was a balloon and a crown in there.I can make animals and other things with the balloon." said Keisha.

"Me and Mum and Dad and Monique got these lambs and the lambs stick on the fridge because they have magnets in their feet.They stick to metal," said Connie.

"What kind of metal?"asked Rejoice.
"Fridge metal,the monkey bars, our magnetic boards in the class," she replied.

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